Buy Custom Logo Printed Bandanas at Unbelievable Prices

Personalized bandana is a trending fashion statement that many youngsters are following. It is a cost-effective technique to up your dressing sense and can make you stand out of the crowd. The custom logo printed bandanas are perfect for company team building events, group or family vacations, bachelorette parties, athletes, and party wear. Wondering how to get one made? Here are the steps to follow:

• Find an online bandana printing company – with so many bandana printing companies online, it is easy to find one that caters to your printing needs and meets your budget. Compare the rates and color combination of the bandanas from a few stores before selecting one.
• Choose your bandana color – there are many preset colors to choose from once you register in an online bandana printing company. However, if you don’t like the preset colors, you can always ask the company to replicate the color you want. It will be wise to have a Pantone reference ready to ensure there is no difference in the shade you want and the shade you get.
• Send your artwork – your next step is to send a photo of the logo you want to print on the bandana. Ideally, you should send a bitmap image or PNG file instead of JPEG format. If you are unable to convert the image into bitmap or PNG, send whatever you have to the designer. However, make sure that the resolution and image size is big enough for the designer to understand. He/she will extract the logo, and make a 3D version of it to print on the bandana.
• Specify the pattern – many people prefer to follow a specific pattern of the logo printed bandanas. For example, you may want your company logo printed diagonally across the bandana instead of a straight print. You should inform the designer while submitting the artwork.
• Confirm the artwork – the designer will take a couple of days or less to create a demo artwork on a digital file of the custom bandana to confirm the logo and print pattern. Confirm the artwork to proceed.

Choose water-based inks

If you have a choice to choose between regular ink and water-based ink, always opt for water-based. This provides a soft hand feel after the print. So, when you touch the bandana, it will not have a raised effect on the areas where the logos are printed. It will seem as if the bandana had a readymade logo on it. Many companies use plastisol ink but that has a hand feel, and you can feel the logo. The print quality is not excellent as it starts deteriorating after a few months.

Water-based inks are not only perfect for printing, but they are also non-toxic, eco-friendly, and lead-free. They are safe to use on any apparel, and they don’t contain ozone-depleting chemicals like HFCC’s and CFC’s. Also, choose cotton bandanas instead of synthetic ones. They can hold the color of the logos for a longer period, and the print quality is even higher.