The Benefits of Promotional Custom Pens

Launching an advertising campaign is no cheap endeavor. Marketing is crucial to spreading the word about your products or service, but what if there was a way to reach thousands of potential clients without spending a fortune? Well, custom pens are the answer. Custom promotional pens are a cost-effective way of telling the world about your business without breaking the bank.

Here are some reasons for getting custom promotional pens.

The Make Remembering Your Company Easy

How many times in a day do you have to jot something down? Well, think of how many times your company name or logo can be seen. Everybody requires a pen and printing your logo/name on a custom name means that your brand will be upfront multiple times a day. Ideally, a custom pen keeps your business contact information handy, thus giving your potential and existing customers an easy way to find you when they need your products or services.

They are Inexpensive

Pens are one of the easiest ways to keep your name in front of numerous individuals. You can get 500 custom pens for $300 or less, which is cheaper than TV and radio ads or direct mailings. You do not have to go for a really fancy pen. A simple BIC pen or one with a touchscreen stylus are excellent economical options that go for a dollar each. Even if you go for an executive one, it won’t cost you more than $4 each.

They are Walking Advertisements

Pens are some of the most regularly passed items in the workplace. This means more individuals will see your logo than that one individual you gave a pen. If you make TV ad, it will only be seen by those people who are watching at that particular time, but if you give someone a promotional custom pen, you can be certain that it will be passed around to a number of people.

They are an Item That Individuals will Keep

There are so many promotional things that end up being thrown away, but that rarely happens to custom pens. That is because they are useful. How many times are you going to use a bottle opener? Pens are a common item that almost everyone requires and so, they will never hit the trash can. This simply means that you will be getting the most out of your marketing campaign bu opting for promotional custom pens.

They Are Easy To Purchase in Bulk

Promotion custom pens never go out of style, don’t take up much space and last for a long time. This means you can purchase them in bulk and save your money on the order. It is also easy to carry around a stash of pens compared to other bulky items. You can keep the custom promotional pens in your backpack, purse or car and will always have a handy pen to give out when you meet a prospective client.

There are many appealing benefits of having custom pens for promotional purposes. If you haven’t considered this form of marketing, this is the time to do so.